Our Philosophy

Yolo Retreats has been created to educate people to make positive changes towards their own health and wellbeing. Yolo Retreats promises to leave you feeling inspired and to support you in promoting a healthy lifestyle which you can deliver day to day.

The Yolo Retreat team is made up of fitness professionals, holistic coaches, nutritionists and supported by some of the most prestigious venues in the Cotswolds to provide this overall health and fitness experience. All of the team share the same passion for health and wellbeing and have delivered at the highest level to bring you a programme which will inspire you to achieve what you didn’t feel was possible.

The Yolo Retreat programme understands that everybody is not the same and one size does not fit all. Fad diets and generic methods of training will not necessarily support you to achieve your personal goals. Our programme will deliver to your requirements i.e. you are new to exercise or someone currently exercising and want to learn how to exercise smarter. So many of us live busy lifestyles and neglect ourselves in relation to the importance of health. Some of us just don’t know where to start. Well, this is where the Yolo Retreat programme can inspire you to take steps to make the positive changes. We are all on a journey in life and with our health and fitness expertise, we can make the journey much more health conscious.

The Programme Is Delivered By

James Golden

The Fitness Pro

The head fitness coach for the 2018 programme is the experienced fitness professional – James Golden AKA The Fitness Pro.

James developed a passion for sport at an early age and realised during days at school that following his passion for health and fitness would be his natural career path.

Graduating from Bucks University with a sports science degree led onto James completing a diploma in personal training with the YMCA which created the pathway to a career in the fitness industry. Having spent over 15 years in health and fitness working with a range of clients he has seen a range of fads come and go along with social media diluting the industry with do's and don'ts. The fact is, no 'one size fits all' and not everything people read will necessarily work for you.

The philosophy of James is very much set on maintaining a balance to lifestyle and creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle which achieves results off the future. It is important that training and nutrition is adaptable for each individual due to variances in each lifestyle. James stats ‘Whilst there is no 'One size fits all' approach, the end product remains the same in achieving a goal through fitness and nutrition’