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Yolo Retreats offers health and wellness programmes – with a difference.

Running throughout the year from a number of beautiful locations in the idyllic Cotswolds, our aim is to not only treat you to a one-off health experience but to give you the tools and knowledge easily incorporate this into your daily life when you return home. By joining us at one of our one-day or weekend experiences, you’ll get access to our team of experienced health and wellness professionals specialising in fitness, yoga and nutrition.

Leading busy lives, we understand that making sustainable changes to help you feel great long-term is not easy. It takes time to look at your physical, your mental and your nutritional wellbeing. Our programmes are about sharing knowledge and making it easy to ensure a lasting change to your lifestyle. Our promise is to leave you feeling energised and inspired to live your best life.

Approach To Exercise

“Moving bodies and focusing minds”
We focus on the key components of fitness and yoga, including: High intensity training and cardio, Strength and conditioning, Yoga, meditation, breathing and stretching.

We will educate you on how to train in the most effective way for your goals.

Weekend guests will have the additional option of one-to-one consultations with our Head of Fitness enabling you to leave with personalised fitness plans to take forward.

Delicious and Nutritious Food

Nutrition impacts health and wellbeing in so many ways. It affects our mood, our energy levels and our weight. We will provide you with delicious food to nourish the body and the mind to help you fuel performance and recover from the exercise programme. We will share some key principles to inspire you to eat mindfully as a way of life. Weekend guests will have the additional option of one-to-one consultations with our Head of Nutrition – Mandy Bisson, enabling you to leave with personalised nutrition plans to take forward.

Idyllic Locations

Each of our locations in the Cotswolds have been hand-selected based on what we feel is important for you to relax, move your bodies, focus your mind and learn.

Gorgeous luxury Cotswold venues, The little things that count, Privacy from the wider world, High-end furnishings, Wi-Fi (should you need it), Indoors and outdoor exercise spaces surrounded by stunning scenery, Good transport links

For weekend retreats - luxury toiletries, great quality mattresses and bed linen, hot tubs and optional extras such as a spa or treatments

Feel the love

What was great about the YOLO retreat weekender was the brilliant and inspiring team. I met some fantastic people and cant wait to do again in 2019

Charlotte O’Neil