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Yolo Retreats offers a health and fitness programme supported by James Golden AKA ‘The Fitness Pro’ along with a team of experienced fitness professionals. We create exceptional retreats where the busy can focus on their fitness and wellness in a luxurious and mindful environment.

Our programme focuses on a complete health and fitness experience incorporating a fitness programme, healthy food and Yoga in the beautiful Cotswold Countryside. The programme does not promote fad diets and is designed to allow you to think the right way towards eating and exercise. You will participate in various resistance and cardiovascular workouts, weight training sessions along with yoga and meditation sessions to help you ‘Move your body and focus your mind’

An Approach To Smart Training

The health and wellbeing programme focuses on all key components of fitness incorporating high intensity training, Yoga, Strength and conditioning in conjunction with educating you on how to train smart. Whether you are a guest for the 1 day programme or a fitness weekender, the training programme will provide a complete wellbeing experience to leave you understanding how exercise can work for you and how to apply yourself to a smarter approach that helps you achieve your goals.

High Quality Healthy Food

Healthy food is a vital component of wellbeing and ultimately the key driver to achieving results from your exercise regime.

Fad diets are not practiced within the Yolo Retreat Programme with our aim to educate you on food choices and to understand how food can be healthy as well as enjoyable. Good food should be good for you and we will ensure our food will inspire you to eat healthy.

The Idyllic Locations

Our programme is delivered in various locations in the Cotswolds. All of our venues are in desirable and in accessible locations. The Cotswolds offers the perfect setting for any health and fitness retreat with its beautiful country setting. Our venues have been carefully selected to support our programme requirements and provides the 5 star quality our fitness programme deserves.

Feel the love

What was great about this retreat was we all did all the exercise because it was fun and we wanted to. It was a great group of ladies and we all pushed each other.

Natalie Glaze